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>> Sunday, November 15, 2009

Today's post isWindows Leo Xp Sp3.Windows Leo Xp Sp3 Based on Windows XP SP3 Corporate Updated to June 10, 2008 with Fully Unattended (leave the mouse alone, it is automatic Setup), please be patient on 13 minutes of Win Setup!!! WGA is integrated so it is activated and ready to visit Microsoft for future updates. No serial needed (if needed for upgrade can be found on CD root). Can be installed on any partition. Minimum Requirements: Pentium 4, 256mbRAM, any Graphic Card.                                                      { Read Full story }

Tweaked for faster performance by default. For tweaking fans there is a large collection of additional updated tweaks in Desktop folder for optional use (Just read eveything in folder carefully) But I think is not necessary. It is fast like it is! Tweaked to look like MAC OS Leopard by default (no WindowBlinds), with shells integrated, themes (there are five additional nice themes in desktop properties), default MAC Icons and additional very modern MAC PNG icons (large collection in RocketDock folder) for RocketDock.
My choice is RocketDock because of fastest performance and is tweaked like MAC dock with over 60 skins. There are also over 50 Wallpapers integrated,exclusive and hard to find. Sound,Cursors, extended Control Panel!

Download Leo XP Part 1

Download Leo XP Part 2

Download Leo XP Part 3

Download Leo XP Part 4

Download Leo XP Part 5

Download Leo XP Part 6

Download Leo XP Part 7

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