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>> Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Corel Painter 11 is the ultimate digital art studio. Its inventive drawing tools, realistic brushes, and customizable features let you expand your creative output in exciting new ways. When you use the pressure-sensitive brushes of Corel Painter,   
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they become fluid extensions of your hand, so the resulting brushstrokes are unrivaled in texture and precision. What's more, features such as the ability to build your own Natural-Media brushes and customize how brushes interact with the canvas give you countless ways to develop your artistic ideas. Corel Painter takes you far beyond what's possible in a traditional art environment.

Expand your creativity with Painter 11, the most inventive digital painting software on the market. By adding Painter to your workflow, you gain a full art studio that gives you the tools to create unprecedented artwork. Digital art tools let you experiment with color theory, composition and brush strokes, without the toxins, mess and expenses associated with traditional art.

Enhance the Creative Process
- Enhanced Artistic Media reproduce the texture of their real-life counterparts and intensify color with each stroke
- Pen and drawing tablet (recommended), combined with Painter's RealBristle brushes, recreate the natural interaction between hand and canvas
- New Hard Media Controls let you create your own hard media variants, or choose from new hard media variants in the Brush Library

Go Beyond the Digital Darkroom
- Improved color recognition for files imported from Adobe Photoshop, and individual color profiles per document, make your colors more precise
- Photo-painting tools with SmartStroke technology let you creatively transform reality
- Customizable surface texturing gives your art a level of fantasy and detail that other photo and painting software can't deliver

Learn from Unlimited Experimentation
- Digital art tools let you experiment with color theory, composition and brush strokes without the toxins, mess and expenses associated with traditional art
- New Hard Media controls give you the flexibility to play around to find the exact look you desire
- Smart composition tools, such as Divine Proportion and the Rule of Thirds and Fifths, help you visually arrange your canvas to create perfect compositions

System Requirements (Windows version):
- Windows Vista or Windows XP (with latest Service Pack)
- Pentium IV, 700 MHz or greater
- 1 GB of RAM
- 500 MB of hard disk space for installation
- 24-bit color display
- 1024 x 768 screen resolution
- Internet Explorer 6 or greater
- Mouse or tablet

Release Date: 25/02/2009
Language: English
Size: 117 MB
Keymaker: CORE

Download Corel Painter 11.0.016 Final Part1

Download Corel Painter 11.0.016 Final Part2 

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