How Hacker Messes With Student's Schedule

>> Sunday, January 24, 2010

A college student has been dropped from her classes twice, apparently the victim of someone who hacked into her schedule.

Michelle McCoy-Lloyd was going to take two culinary classes at San Joaquin Delta College starting next week.                          
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Last month, someone had hacked into her student schedule and dropped her five falls classes, which she was still attending.

And someone did it again, dropping her two culinary classes.

"I was just appalled -- I couldn't believe it," McCoy-Lloyd said. "There has to be some way a student can protect their student ID."

Delta students can go online and change their schedules by using their student identification number and a personal identification number. The PIN is the student's birthday at first, but the school recommends that students change that number.

"In instances where another student or relative has access to a student's records, it's generally because they have given that information to a person and not practicing that due diligence in creating a PIN," admissions director Catherine Mooney said.          

McCoy-Lloyd has since changed her PIN, but she can't automatically get her classes back: Delta canceled almost 400 classes for the spring semester, so by December nearly all of the classes were full.

However, the teachers in those dropped classes are aware of what happened and appear ready to accept her back into class.

Delta College is investigating the incident. In addition to dropping the culinary classes, the computer hacker also added an Introduction to Livestock class to her schedule.

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