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>> Friday, February 05, 2010

Focusrite Forte Suite

The Focusrite Forte Suite is a channel strip plug-in for
Pro Tools based on the now-legendary Focusrite Forte recording
console of the mid-’80s
(original price for Forte console: $1.5 million).
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 Utilizing virtual vintage modules, Forte Suite brings Focusrite’s   

sonic signature to Pro Tools through sophisticated modeling of
the ISA 110 EQ and ISA 130 dynamics processors (including compressor,
de-esser, and noise gate), the key modules from the acclaimed
Focusrite Forte analog console. It also includes surround modes
as well as graphical representations of EQ, compression, and
related module curves. And its interface components closely resemble
the ISA series modules treasured by audiophiles the world over.
Along with offering a host of powerful processing tools including
a six-band EQ and a multi-channel compressor, gate, and expander,
Forte Suite also features a sidechain input and frequency filters
for the dynamics processors.

The Forte Suite can perform both as a channel strip plug-in and as
individual ISA 110, ISA 130 dynamics, and ISA 130 compressor plug-ins.
In addition, the ISA 130 compressor supports all Pro Tools surround

* ISA 110 Equalizer
* ISA 130 Multichannel Surround Compressor
* ISA 130 Expander
* ISA 130 Gate
* ISA 130 De-esser
* Side Chain input for the Compressor and Gate
* Frequency filters for the dynamics processors
* Classic-style, vintage GUI with additional graphical representations
of the EQ, Compressor, and Gate
* Taps into the power of Pro Tools|HD Accel cards
* Supports sampling rates up to 192 kHz
* The classic, vintage “Focusrite Sound”
* Support for Digidesign D-Control
* Internal clip detection (Pro Tools 6.4 or higher required)
* Support for Pro Tools Delay Compensation (Pro Tools 6.4 or higher required)

Focusrite Forte Suite

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