Joint Statement of Hacker-crew

>> Monday, February 08, 2010

“Joint statement of PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army) and Zombie_ksa(PAKbugs-crew)

PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army) and Zombie_ksa(PAKbugs-crew)comes into friendly terms with ICW (Indian Cyber Warriors,HMG) PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army) and Zombie_ksa (PAKbugs-crew) comes into friendly terms with ICW (Indian Cyber Warriors, HMG).   { Read Full Story }

   After a meeting, all of the three groups agreed not to deface each other’s websites. It all happened when people from these groups realized that there is no use of such defacement and they should be instead involved in constructive work.  

Apart from that , poor defaced organizations suffer from these activities.PCA, zombie_ksa and ICW is not responsible for the activities performed by other groups from both countries me r45c4l,on the behalf of ICW likes to make a statement that after
A series of defacing each other’s government websites, we as well as PCA and PakBugs feels that this is not going to solve any problem and the things will only gets worse. The guys from ICW, PCA and pakBugs are all very talented and instead of harming each other we can help each other to tighten the securities of our sites and servers. So after a discussion with all ICW, PCA and PakBugs members, we would like to announce that we all quite this here and we will not hack each other’s sites.
From now on if any one hacks any sites/servers or claims the hack to be done by either ICW or PCA or PakBugs, we will not be responsible for this. We all r sorry for the trouble and inconvenience caused by all of us
with regards,
PCA Team, PakBugs and Team ICW “

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