How to Hack Bug in Window Calc.

>> Thursday, August 04, 2011

This works with all versions of Windows. without any more discussion, let mus proceed to the bug. you have probably used square root button in windows....


It is possibile that you might have come across this bug. If not, you are just about to know it..

Just follow the steps:-

  • Open calculator  or  Goto run and type – calc 
  • Now type the following
    •    Type 4
    •    Take its square root  by using the square root button,
    •    Now you will get 2. Subtract 2 from it.
    •    The answer should have been 0 but its not. You would have got a long number as your answer.

Here is the general syntax to this bug.

  1.   Take Any number 
  2.   Take its square root
  3.   Subtract its square root from it
  4.   Your answer is not 0.. That’s the bug.

Probably this was something new for most of you out here.

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