Open command prompt from where it is Banned

>> Saturday, August 01, 2009

Open up Command Prompt (Start>Run>
Can't use command prompt at your school?
Open up Microsoft word..Type:
Then save it as Somthing.bat.
Warning: Make sure you delete the file because if the admin finds out your in big trouble.
--Adding a user to your network--
Net user Haxxor /ADD
That will add "Haxxor" onto the school user system.
Now you added users lets delete them!
Type: Net user Haxxor /DELETE
Warning: Be carefull it deletes all their files.
"Haxxor" will be deleted from the user system.
Hmmm? It says access denied?
Thats because your not admin!
Now lets make your Admin!
This will make Haxxor an admin. Remember that some schools may not call their admins 'adminstrator' and so you need to find out the name of the local group they belong to.
Type: net localgroup
It will show you what they call admin, say at my school they calll it
adminstrator so then i would
Type: net localgroup administrator Haxxor /ADD
Getting past your web filter.
Easy way: Type whatever you want to go on say i wanted to go on miniclips bug on wire i would go to google and search miniclip bug on wire
then instead of clicking the link i would click "cached".
Hard way: I'm hoping you still have command prompt open.
Type: ping
And then you should get a IP type that out in your web browser, and don't forget to put "http://" before you type the IP.
Sending messages throught your school server
Okay, here's how to send crazy messages to everyone in your school on a computer. In your command prompt, type
Net Send * "The server is h4x0r3d"
Note: may not be necessary, depending on how many your school has access too. If it's just one, you can leave it out.
Where is, replace it with the domain name of your school. For instance, when you log on to the network, you should have a choice of where to log on, either to your school, or to just the local machine. It tends to be called the same as your school, or something like it. So, at my school, I use
Net Send Haxxor School * "The server is h4x0r3d"
The asterisk denotes wildcard sending, or sending to every computer in the domain. You can swap this for people's accounts, for example
NetSend Varndean dan,jimmy,admin "The server is h4x0r3d"
use commas to divide the names and NO SPACES between them.
what say??


Allowing dos and regedit in a restricted Windows

A very simple tactic I found after accidentally locking myself out of dos and regedit is to open notepad and type the following:


Save it as something.reg then run it. Simple.

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