Download Free Flash Virus Killer 2010 Version

>> Saturday, April 24, 2010

This is a set of portable software to download to a removable disk (flash) is designed to destroy viruses, have necessarily causing harm to the system.........

Flash Virus Killer consists of two parts:
1. Securit portable - there are tools, scanners and portable anti-virus software.
2. Utility - there are other programs that can help in the treatment of PC.

Flash Drive will NOT autorun. All that needs to be done, it is removed from the archive two folders and move on flash.
The principle is simple: you first need to run from a folder USB_Disk_Security.exe Securit portable, and then turns all anti-virus utilities, while not eradicated all evil. After that you can clean the system and drive with a program from the folder Utility.
Download Here

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