Wifi networks being hacked in 5 seconds

>> Monday, October 25, 2010

A study conducted recently has found that nearly 50 per cent of Wi-Fi networks could be hacked. The study conducted in six cities and derived that out of 40,000 Wi-Fi network nearly 20,000 did not have passwords assigned to them....

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These researchers were able to use free software for nearly half an hour in each city through these unsecured wireless connections.

It is estimated that nearly 82 per cent of the countrymen thought their network was secure, though the harsh reality is that nearly 25 per cent of the private networks had no password. What has made the study scarier is that hackers were able to hack through secure networks.

According to CPP, the company that conducted this survey, the hacking done through these Wi-Fi network services displays the casual approach from users all over.

They have also asked users to be vigilant while passing on information through public information as hackers wait for an opportunity to hack into their systems.

Hackers like Jason Hart believe that today it is easy for hackers to get into another users system and access their information, emails and social sites apart from online banking. They could also create a social identity of their own.

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