FB 'Likes' are being hacked for Osama bin laden shoot out video

>> Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Facebook 'Likes' are being hacked for Osama bin laden shoot out video while attracting people to a video that they say it is real osama bin laden shoot out video in military operation in Abbott Abad in Pakistan.Although there is no video found on their given url...

You most probably found a link on your wall by any of your friends with an image of dead osama bin laden with damaged eye.

When you open that page there will be a pop up shown there with button ("Watch video"), when you click on it, they ask you to perform 5 security task including 

  1. CTR C
  2. Alt D
  3. CTR V
  4. Press Enter
  5. Playing Video

When you perform these task successfully, it redirect you on some other page showing you screen that you facebook account is being authenticated, in this process a javascript code post the same 'Wall Post' on all your friends Wall and auto like that page.

You can check your Wall, there will be Posts like that 'You Posted ..(title of that page).. on your ....(friends name)....Wall'.

When this link is being posted on all your friends Wall then it will show you Pop up 'There is no serve available in your country Please try later' etc

You can manually unlike that page later by open that page and by pressing 'unlike' Link on that page.
And manually remove Posts from your Wall created by this Scam Fan page.

Same activity was perform by the same group by showing label  


You can check this by opening this link. http://dottot.info/os/

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