Hacker Drone Highlight of Hacker Conference

>> Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anyone who is confident in their own safety, make a stop at the Black Hat and Defcon conferences Security researcher annual convention in Las Vegas....

Participants include security professionals, interested amateur, officials, and more.  Many of them come together to learn and draw inspiration from them to make technology things that most people do not expect.

One of the Chris Paget, who last year showed a device that acts as a cell tower to intercept your communications during becomes reality. As described in Wired, the inspiration of Mike and Richard Perkins Tassey to integrate design in one of the Designs standout at this year's Black Hat 2011 Wednesday: the WASP, a do-it-yourself drones.

WASP stands for mobile air monitoring platform, and the title goes a long way to describing the device, unlike many officers military projects. Also note the price: for a mere $ 6000, the two hackers have managed to assemble a fully functional remote controlled unmanned aircraft that can take over your Wi-Fi or cellular communication - without insurance, you may think they are. The wasp can crazy phone encryption, and passwords can brute force with its top-340-word dictionary. Also integrated into the GPS and Google, the WASP is fully able to fly a preprogrammed course, when the operator is at altitude.

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