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>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

Keyloggers, an abbreviation for Keystroke Loggers, are a rather nasty tool used by hackers to invade your privacy. This tool can secretly capture all the keystrokes you make, every single mouse click, and virtually everything you do on the computer, which, when you think about it, is very scary.........

But keyloggers aren’t all bad – if you type ‘Keyloggers’ into Google, you’ll get hundreds of perfectly legitimate keyloggers, which aren’t made to be used as a hacking tool. But some people abuse these, and try to steal passwords for Paypal and other sensitive information.
Earlier I had written a post on how to detect keyloggers on your computer and bypass them using a reverse proxy server. Read it also if you’re sure you have a keylogger installed on your computer.
So, let’s assume that you have a keylogger – which hopefully you don’t – but, just assuming you do, let’s also assume that you can’t remove this keylogger. You’ve tried everything, scanned your computer multiple times, but you still can’t find it. So, how do you type your email passwords in without fear of being hacked? Here’s how.
Method 1: Online Keyboards
By using JavaScript keyboards, there’s no way any keylogger can pick up your keystrokes, which is re-assuring. However, it gets quite irritating using these, and it’s impossible to play games with.
Method 2: Neo’s Safekeys
Neo’s Safekeys is a really small, but effective program. It only weighs in at about 8kb. You use it by clicking on the letters, and it types it into the white box at the bottom. You can then drag the password into the password field for your paypal, or email, or whatever you are trying to access. Perfectly safe.
A nice little extra feature of Neo’s SafeKeys, is that the program changes it’s width and height, as well as it’s placement on your screen each time upon load up, to trick Keyloggers. In addition to that, nothing is stored on your clipboard, which helps reinforce the security. It’s a handy little tool, and you can just keep it on your pen-drive if you have to use a computer you fear might be keylogged, like at internet cafes.
Link to the program:
Method 3: I Hate Keyloggers
I Hate Keyloggers is a program which basically disables the ‘hook’ mechanism many keyloggers use to get the information. However, sometimes it collides with other programs, and makes them not function properly (Or at all!), so it gets a bit difficult at times.
Method 4: QFX Keyscrambler
QFX KeyScrambler encrypts what you’re typing, so the keylogger gets a bunch of mumbo jumbo, and decrypts again for you, so that you get exactly what you typed. It’s quite useful, but it’s a relatively large program, so just keep that in mind.
And there you have it! A good few methods which all work (and are proven to), so you should always be safe from keyloggers. Just mind that you make sure that you try to remove the keylogger instead of just going around it first, and only use these methods as a last-resort if you can’t remove your keylogger. Happy Safe Surfing.

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