How to detect keyloggers

>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

Keyloggers are software or spyware that record every keystroke you make typing on your PC. Some keyloggers are installed in order to capture your usernames and passwords, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, etc........
Some keyloggers can take screen shots of your computer monitor and your activity, watch emails and your online chats, and more. Keyloggers are sometimes legitimately installed to monitor an employee’s or child’s computer activity. But even when keyloggers are installed without malicious reasons, keyloggers work secretly, without your knowledge.
Is your computer infected with Keyloggers?
Check for these symptoms of keylogger parasites on your PC.
keylogger symptom Slow computer performance. Even just one to two Keylogger parasites can clog your bandwidth and cause your computer performance to slow. Because types of Keyloggers silently and secretly work in the background, you won’t be able to easily detect the Keylogger. If your computer is taking long periods to reboot or you have a slow Internet connection, these may be signs that your computer is infected with Keylogger.
Keylogger symptom New desktop shortcuts or switched homepage. Keylogger may change your Internet settings or redirect your default homepage to point to another web site. Keyloggers may even add new desktop shortcuts on your PC. If you want to avoid these problems, keep your computer Keylogger-free and remove all traces of Keylogger.
Keylogger symptom Annoying popups on your PC. Keylogger may bombard your computer with popup ads, sometimes even when you’re not signed online. Keylogger may prevent regular Internet activity and track your surfing habits as well as your personal information. Remove Keylogger immediately because the more traces of Keylogger you have the more popups you’ll see on your computer.

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