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>> Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The program version is now 2.0 !

Here is a screen-shot for VERSION 2.0........

What is the point of this program?
If you have more then 1 account on YouTube and don't feel like logging in and out , this program is right for you. It can rate your videos 5/5 or rate other people videos 1/5 . You can favorite too!

How to use

1. Open up Ghetto YouTubee
2. Go to "Accounts" and put the information in.
3. Once you have put Username and Password, Press " Login Page " then "
4. Sign in "
5. Now, go to the tab " Video URL."
6. Get the URL of the YouTube Video in the "YouTube URL" area text box.
7. Press " Goto video " and just press the buttons.

Change logs ~
1.0 - 2.0

Subscribe button added.
More simple to use.
10 pre-loaded accounts added.
Sign-Out button added.
Menu option added.
Can i get banned?
Not that i can think of. It just rates and favorite and a very low low chance.
Is my information safe?
Is there a virus?
Nope it's safe!

[b]Does it work for all XP/XP/Vista/7?
What was the program coded from ?
Visual Basic 08.

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