How to Hack Bandwih through Mozzila Firefox

>> Saturday, March 13, 2010

There are many ways to outsmart a slow Internet connection, especially since you use the internet access in the cafe-cafe that most of them have limited the bandwidth of every computer.........

Here are some tips and tricks that you can try:
1). Open Mozilla Firefox Browser

2). In the Address Bar type: ABOUT: CONFIG
3). Search string below: (make sure all srting under "TRUE")
his example replace:
Network.http.pipelining FALSE ==> right click and select "Toggle"
Network.http.pipelining TRUE
Network.http.pipelining.maxrequests 64
Network.http.proxy.pipelining TRUE
4). create a new srting how: Click the Left 1X Anywhere, Right click NEW>> INTEGER

5). Type: Rate nglayout.initialpaint.delay 0

6). Then Press the REFRESH or F5

7). In the Address Bar type: ABOUT: BLANK
Click Menu:
For OS Linux (Vector) EDIT>> PREFERENCES
For different settings on several OS EDIT>> ADVANCED

9). In Option:
Allow WEB SITES TO INSTALL SOFTWARE Give Signs Check Box To activate

10). Then Press OK Then REFRESH (F5)

11). Masuk Ke Link Ini:
https: / / / extensions / moreinfo.php? applicationfiltered = firefox & id = 125
https: / / / extensions / moreinfo.php? id = 125 & applicationfiltered = firefox

12). Download Software SwitchProxy Tool Version 1.3.4

13). After Done Do not Press the Button UPDATE

14). Click the sign of X (close) What's In the Upper Right Corner Of The POP UP Window Appears

15). Close All Browsers Mozilla FireFox,

16). Then Open Again To Switch Software SwitchProxy Tool Version 1.3.4 What's the last Install

17). Kalo Installation Success, Will Appear Under additional Toolbar Toolbar Navigation & Address Bar.
Now Ready For Mozilla Browser Used
- Software SwitchProxy Tool Version 1.3.4 This is in addition to Proxy Automatically Changing the Mozilla FireFox browser, it also Engine Impact of Internet Connection Speed
- How It's Very Effective When Used On The Solid Online Warnet for Sucking Bandwidth (Majority speed Internet access) Go to Who's Your Computer Use
- Significant Changes That Occurred In The Broadband Internet connection / VSAT.

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