How to Sneak the Internet at Work?

>> Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It simply amazes me what people at work will do to get their computer on the Internet; they risk loosing their jobs to surf Facebook, MySpace, porn, and outside e-mail accounts, and those ridiculous jokes they pass between each other. I've seen romances flame up and burn out on the same day, there are those that search for love and sex, online banking, bill paying, help with divorces, restraining orders, and marriages........
I've seen people ordering cheerleader outfits for their spouses, themselves, and co-workers. Hulu, HBO, Youtube, and jokes, jokes and more jokes. So, if you are one of these poor souls that must surf, below are a few tips to help get you out there, because we want to see more...

Bypassing your company’s web filter or proxy server to surf the internet:

Open Internet Explorer, go to Tools, this will open the Connections Tab, at the bottom click LAN settings, in the Proxy server box, click the box (Use a proxy server for your LAN. In the address box enter a proxy address brought from your search at home (Search Proxy Addresses in Google) and use the port number 8080.

Typical port numbers: 80,8080,3128,1080

If your Network administrator blocked your access to your Proxy server setting, open your Windows Registry Settings.

Note: changing your registry settings could cause your computer to not restart.

Go to your Start button à Run à type Regedit

Internet settings
ProxyEnable =1
Proxyserver = proxyaddress and port

Using IP Addresses

Instead of using the Internet Friendly name like: try using the IPaddress like:

First resolve the  address.

Go to your Start button à Run à Type in CMD.
With the command line window appears, type in
Ping, it may not allow  you to ping their site, but their DNS server will provide you with an IP address of their website

If a blocking software is used, try putting an s behind the http like this https:// and in many cases it will by pass your companies proxy and make a secure connection.

Another method is simply pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL on your keyboard, find the name of the blocking software installed on the computer under the Processes tab, and click the End Process button

Something for the Parents

Accessing people’s Facebook, Myspace, and another website requires a long in without a username and password.

Google tunnels in a website and makes copies of webpages in their database(s) usually for faster access. When viewing the results of a Google web search you will see at the bottom of the results you will see the word Cache underlined. This is a link to a copy of the website stored on Google. So if you want to see someone’s account like, Facebook, simply click on the Cache link and you can read their page and see their friends.

Google Mobile Search ( Iphone or Blackberry )

Google’s Mobile search can help one circumvent a blocked site. When Google translates a normal HTML web page into a mobile page it removes certain parts of the web page (CSS scripts and JavaScript’s) it also reconfigures the sites view to make a large page into smaller sized pages. During this translation process, it is possible that many block software programs will not be able to recognize the page as being one that should be blocked.

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