How to Revenue Sharing Hack To Display Different Authers Ads ?

>> Monday, October 26, 2009

How to show different ads on different author posts in Blogger? Unlike Wordpress, Blogger does not support any plugins and as a result you can’t share the revenue with your fellow authors using third party plugins. But do note that Blogger is highly customizable and certainly you can do anything if you have got some basic PHP and HTML knowledge. If you are a group of authors working on a blogger blog, posting separately and want to show individual ads on your posts, you can do so by applying blogger revenue sharing hack.
You can provide different ad codes for different authors and this hack will automatically display the ad linked with those authors. This hack can be implemented on any part of the blog, below the post title, below the post contents, navbar, footer area etc. But here is the tutorial to show revenue sharing ads below post title, which is known to be the best ad placement for blogger blogs.          {.......}

Revenue Sharing Hack for blogger

Revenue Sharing Hack for Blogger Blogs

  1. Login to Blogger dashboard
  2. Navigate to Layout >> Edit HTML and Expand Widget templates
  3. Search for the following code inside your template
  4. Insert the following piece of code just below the above code
  6. Replace the author name and ad code with the actual ones
  7. Save the changes you have made
  8. You are done.
Using the above hack you can attract other bloggers to write for you since their ads will be displayed on their post pages and they will earn from their efforts. After implementing this revenue sharing hack all previous posts by an author will also display his ad code.

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