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>> Saturday, October 17, 2009

iphone-verizon-logoApple’s iPhone is the latest craze in town due to its sophisticated features and Internet connectivity.  It’s an all-in-one package that  includes voice, text, wireless Internet, and iPod features.  Who wouldn’t want to own a gadget like that?  I certainly would love to have it!  The catch though is that you’ll need to get it bundled with AT&T’s mobile plans.  That means even if your phone provider is another company, you’ll need to have it connected to AT&T if you want to maximize the product’s features.  The AT&T mobile plans are not bad because the user gets to have all phone services while having free Internet access for a certain amount of monthly subscription.  The only thing with AT&T is that its services are quite expensive and some people have complained about bad customer service.                     {.......}

                  This brings to mind the possibility of obtaining iPhone bundles from other networks, particularly from Verizon since it is currently the leading mobile service network provider in North America due to its cheaper rates and very good customer service.   Right now, people can buy iPhones from many dealers but the only way to get Internet connectivity is through AT&T.  This is because the gadget has been designed with AT&T in mind.  Because of this, the current models may not be technically compatible with Verizon.  For instance, iPhone runs on GSM (Global Systems Mobile) technology while Verizon uses CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) or the “spread spectrum” technology.  CDMA is a newer technology that allows Verizon subscribers to occupy the same time and frequency allocations in a given band or space, resulting to better voice and data communications, and the low costs.  iPhone has to be tweaked so that it becomes compatible with CDMA.

Take heart Verizon customers because there are reports going around that Apple and Verizon are negotiating for a deal involving the offering of iPhone on the network.  AT&T won’t like it but, hey, this is the capitalist world.  AT&T can’t have it all for all time.  The USA Today reported that the deal may start in 2010, which incidentally is the year when AT&T’s exclusive contract ends.  This means consumers should just wait a little while for the Verizon-Apple deal to get through in order to get their hopefully cheaper iPhones.

Now, for those who are tech-savvy, here’s something you can do to enable your iPhone to work with Verizon’s network.  In case you didn’t know yet, every iPhone in the U.S. is locked with AT&T due to their existing exclusivity contract.  You’ll need to unlock the iPhone using unlocking software available in the market today.  When you’ve picked one that suits you well, take a look at this tutorial in order to unlock your iPhone:

After successfully unlocking the iPhone, you’ll need a Verizon Vodaphone Sim card — the same one used for Blackberry 8830.  Once you have the SIM, you’ll be able to make your iPhone work with Verizon.  How is this possible?  Because Vodaphone, a co-owner of Verizon, is licensed to sell iPhone in Europe.  Just take note that it is unauthorized to unlock your iPhone in North America.  If you do, you lose the warranty and waive your right for free downloads and upgrades.  There is also feedback that some features might not work when you use the iPhone with another network, like the ability to use visual voice mail.  This is probably because only AT&T offers the service.

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