What Hackers Want?

>> Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hacker Want AdsWith so much unemployment, especially in the IT  community it is no wonder you can find, Hired Hackers   online. Panda Security highlights just an example;  Facebook hacking. For $100 you can hack into any  account you wish. These hackers do not guarantee 100% success, but my guess is they are pretty accurate. I haven’t test this hacker group’s claim, and it is very possible that they are a $100 rip-off, but my instincts tell me they can, and they do. This type of hacking makes me wonder if these are unemployed IT people, or foreign criminals. Although, I’m sure unemployment creates opportunist in any country. And frankly speaking, if I were a talented, out of work computer professional with a family to feed, computer ethics would be something for the employed. Of course I’m not condoning illegal acts of computer hacking, I’m just saying.            {.......}

What about corporate espionage? Where do these people get their hackers? From the same pool of people that other companies laid-off a year ago? Where would a struggling corporate head find a hacking group? Perhaps in places where CEOs already are,  like CEO magazines, the Wall Street Journal, or maybe their lobbyist know. But why wait for them to find you?
If I was a hacker looking for work, first thing I might do is go to the stock pages and list all companies that are struggling. (and brother the pages are plentiful) Next I might make a spreadsheet of companies, CEOs, networks, network footprints, CEO computers. I would then advertise directly on the CEO’s computer desktops. “Need to Hire a Hacker? I’m your man!” Any hacker that couldn’t do that is not worth hiring, right?
Of course I’m not giving advise on how to advertise your hacker skills by breaking into CEO computers, I’m just saying.
If IT people are working as hackers for ends meat, it makes me wonder; when the world economy does recovers, can IT people return to work with all sins forgiven?
Or will it be like in the book Le Miserables when Jean Valjean steals a loft of bread and is marked for the rest of his life as a criminal with no hope of forgiveness.

Drop me a note and tell me what you think. ...but not on my desktop, please. :-)

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