Why we meet with a lot of viruses?

>> Sunday, October 11, 2009

VirusesIt is interesting, with all the training and knowledge necessary in becoming an IT professional, the number one question I receive is; "Why do people make viruses?" This always makes me wonder if FBI profilers are ever asked; "Why does my computer have so many pop-up ads?" And of course, computer people often ask each other: "Why do people think they need more memory with their hard drive is full? And why do they call their computer case a modem?" These are all important questions, but only one of them I am qualified to answer. I still try to answer the other to the best of my knowledge. Unfortunately, the best of my knowledge is very, very, unpleasant.               {.......}

I used to answer; the reason people make computer viruses is because they have no control in their real life's and compensate by creating their own "control". Now, I just sum the entire answer up with, "because they have small penises." I usually get a knowing nod, and some even reply, is that why there is so much spam on how to enlarge one's penis? Yes. I answer. The government floods the Internet with penis enlargement spam, in an effort to control viruses. I usually close the conversation with, "I'm not an actual mental health professional, but I did stay at a Holliday Inn Express last night." And because no one else seems to have seen this Holliday Inn commercial but me, there is a brief awkward silence, and they walk away thinking what a geek I am...I do it to myself.

In truth, I want to answer; if not for viruses, hackers, and penis enlargement spam, my job would be outsourced to another country.

...oh, and the reason people call their computers a modem is simply because they don't know what to call it. And the reason they think that they need more memory is because they received a hard drive is full error because of their hard drive is full of porn.

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