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>> Monday, October 05, 2009

Recover deleted messages from Blackberry

We sometimes find ourselves doing things automatically        only to find out later that what we have done is a mistake! At the very least, this is an inconvenience. This could apply to almost anything, especially when a person is multi-tasking. An instance where this could happen is when you’re talking to someone while checking your Blackberry for messages. If you’re deleting a previous message, you could accidentally do the same to a new one thinking that it is old. It wouldn’t matter if the email or text is unimportant. But what if it is a message from your boss or business associate? What will you do? Can you recover the message from somewhere just like in Yahoo or Google mail?

The big and sad answer is that no, the message is forever lost if your phone has not been set up to store deleted messages in a designated location.  That means, once these messages are purged from your smart phone and you have not been able to setup some sort of a backup plan, it will be very unlikely that you could recover them or even from the network provider.

Before giving it up as a lost cause, here are some steps you can take in order to check whether or not the deleted message has any chance of being retrieved:

Step 1:

If any important message is deleted, determine first if it is an SMS text message or email.

Step 2:

If it’s an email message, try to check with your email service or company’s systems administrator the settings of your email account.  You’ll know from the administrator whether there is a server in place that hold emails for a period of time before deleting them.  You’re lucky if this is the case because you can retrieve the mail from the main server.

If it’s an SMS, try to check if you can find it in other folders. Use the Blackberry’s search function.

Step 3:

A simpler method is to ask the person who sent the message to resend it.  This is only applicable if you noted who the message or mail is from.

Step 4:

Regardless of whether or not the deleted message can be retrieved, it is important to  set-up a system that backs up all of your messages stored in the Blackberry device.

The procedures for updating your Blackberry device can also be used to actually do a  full back up of your messages to your own PC.  This can be periodically done with the aid of your Blackberry Desktop Software.

Details of the software can be found from this link ( It works by creating a backup file of your device while allowing  you to specify what type of information to store.

If you want a web-based backup system, one of those I would recommend is Dexrex, a free, secure online archive database tool built for consumer and business textual data management service to facilitate or aid in storing your Instant Messages and mobile text message conversations so you always have a backup. It supports the most common variety of Instant Messaging networks like AOL, Windows live, ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Google talk and Blackberry. With Dexrex, you can archive all of your IMs for later use.  With this tool, you’ll need to lose another message ever again!

How do I use Dexrex to archive my Blackberry messages? You only need to download its blackberry extension from ( Open the application and go through the setup process.  If you meet any problems in installing and using the system, you can send your queries to

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