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>> Thursday, September 10, 2009

Smart Install Maker is a powerful and convenient means for creation of installers. Possesses the simple, convenient and understandable interface. Despite of simplicity of work with the given program, she allows to create professional installers with the minimal size, a high ratio of compression of files and usability the interface. Smart Install Maker contains all features for creating full-scale installation packages. The program works with windows system registry and ini files. It can create shortcuts, display license agreement and information texts, register ActiveX controls, and execute commands. There are
also many other features. Installer engine takes only 60 Kb in install packages created by Small Install Maker.

The program disposes of excellent data compression formats such as RAR and Cabinet. And all this will allow you to create really compact installers that will cause no problems while being spread through the Internet. Main features of Smart Install Maker: # Modern Wizard-style look and feel # Customizable graphics: embed your own artwork to emphasize your application’s identity # Support Cabinet and RAR compression # All functionality is built in - no external files required # Import registry keys from .reg files and system registry # Create ‘nightly builds’ using command-line /s switch # Check the presence of the .NET Framework and download it if needed # Install dynamic folders (with content known only at setup time)

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