What is SSH ?

>> Sunday, September 06, 2009

What is SSH? SSH (Secure Shell) is network protocol that is used to create a secure connection between two computers.

SSH replaces ancient insecure applications like TELNET for Windows and rlogin, rsh, rcp, and rexec for both Linux and Windows.

If computer A wants to connect to computer B via a secure SSH connection, computer A must be running an SSH client and computer B must be running an SSH daemon or server. When data goes from computer A, it is encrypted and received at computer B, where it is decrypted.

Now for the visual learners, imagine SSH as a condom.

Let’s say a man (computer) wants to send some data (pecker) to another computer (woman), he will want to do it securely without having his man juices (passwords) leaked (sniffed) and unintentially pollinating the woman (infect, gain unathoraized access via sniffed passwords) , to do this, he will use a condom (SSH) to withhold the man juices (encrypt the data) for a secure path/channel.

What is SSH used for?
  • To securely log into a shell on a remote host and to securely execute commands on that remote host.
  • To securely transfer files.
  • For browsing the web securely via an encrypted proxy connection.

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