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>> Sunday, September 06, 2009

flashdriveHave you ever been some place other than your home on your computer? If your answer is anything other then yes, you need to stop being a computer hugging hippy and go outside, get a whif of some fresh air, step on some dog crap and accidently run over a cat. It’ll do you some good. Anyways, have you visited someone somewhere and while using his/her/its computer, you realized you didn’t know a password because it was saved on your browser, or you wanted to show your friend that one cool website with the non-Asian ninjas, but it was in your bookmarks, or you wanted to use an extension you had installed on your browser that got rid of homosexual ads? Well you can. It’s called portable browsers, a.k.a a browser on your USB drive.

If you use Mozilla Firefox, which I highly recommend, you can download the portable browser hiya: I’m a link.

If you’re an apple fanboy or just like safari, you can download it’s portable version hiya: I’m a link too.

If you use Internet Explorer, you must have some sort of brain blockage and need to fall off a cliff.

Some great features of these portable browsers are:
  • you can take your bookmarks with you
  • although probably not a good idea, for those of you that happen to always kill the braincells holding your passwords, you can take the saved one’s with you
  • take all your extensions with you
  • keeps your information stored on the flash drive instead of the computer you are using

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