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>> Sunday, September 06, 2009

podcast_logoAs a hacker, you are constantly learning new things and staying up to date in the scene. But sometimes you can’t due to your daily responsibilities like driving places, mowing the lawn, shoveling, cleaning around the house and sitting on the toilet. Well now you still CAN with podcasts. Pump ‘em into your iPod, Zune or phone, plug in your earphones and you have a constant stream of knowledge being pumped into your head while you do your daily chores/responsibilities. Multitasking ftw! Below I have put together a list of the some of the best and a couple decent security/hacking podcasts out there today.
  1. Security Now – This is by far one of my favorite ones. Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware and created the first anti-spyware program, creator of Spinrite and ShieldsUP, discusses the hot topics in security today with Leo Laporte. Published every Thursday.
  2. PaulDotCom – PaulDotCom Security weekly’s mission is to provide free content within the subject matter of IT security news, vulnerabilities, hacking, and research. We strive to use new technologies to reach a wider audience across the globe to teach people how to grow, learn, and be security ninjas.
  3. 2600 Podcasts -  2600 hosts two hacking related radio shows, Off The Wall and Off The Hook, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  4. SploitCast -  the podcast for hackers, geeks, and the security paranoid.  By a group of students and IT professionals that have decided to start a downloadable talk show.
  5. The Command Line Podcast – Technology/hacking related podcast by Thomas Gideon.
  6. Blue Box Podcast – discuss the latest VoIP security news, offer commentary on topical issues and play and respond to listener comments.
  7. Data Security Podcast – a professionally-produced news program on the security issues of the moment. Co-hosted by noted security expert Ira Victor, the program is fast-moving and fun with top notch interview segments.
  8. Crypto-Gram Security Podcast – Audio version of Bruce Schneier’s monthly Crypto-Gram Security Newsletter.
  9. Security Wire Weekly – Information security news and interviews with information security experts and professionals.
  10. OWASP Podcast – Jim interviews OWASP volunteers, industry experts and leaders within the field of web application security.
  11. ISC StormCasts -  Stormcasts are daily 5-10 minute threat updates.
  12. Network Security Podcast – Each week, Martin McKeay talks about computer security issues that are relevent today.
  13. ITradio – IT journalist Patrick Gray set up this site to provide radio-quality news and current affairs audio programming to busy IT professionals.
  14. SearchSecurity Podcasts – SearchSecurity.com has a variety of information security podcasts you can download.
  15. Security Bites – Feeling vulnerable? Keep up with the experts on botnets, phishing, rootkits and other computer malware.
  16. Symnatec Security Response – Providing information to help consumers and organizations confidently secure and manage their information-driven world.
  17. ESET Podcast – Randy effortlessly navigates his listeners through today’s dangers by offering security tips and tricks to avoid becoming a casualty.

Yah, that’s IS a lot. Everyone has different preferences, so go through and choose the ones you like the best and stay up to date.

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