How to hack like in the movies

>> Sunday, September 06, 2009

We’ve all seen the ridiculous attempts made by hollywood to try and portray hacker’s realisticly in their movies. And as I’m sure all of you have concluded, they absolutely….FAIL. For those of you who havn’t seen any, follow this link to see a full list of movies. Some of these will be totally absurd to those of you who know hacking while others will be somewhat realistic.

1. Get lots of computer screens and stack them up to create a sort of shell around you. What you would use them for, I don’t know, but you need them.
2. Type at ridiculous speeds, pressing multiple keys at the same time, and take a while at that same speed to type up short few lettered words.
3. Never use your mouse. Do all your hacking via the keyboard. Once you have gotten through all the “firewalls” and other junk, pause, pick up your pointer finger and slowly drop it on the key,  sit back and…
4. Watch the giant progress bar slowly reach 100% and flash COMPLETED or HACKED to mark the completion of your hacking job.
5. You must be able to break into any computer or government server in ten minutes.
6. The one password you can’t easily get through is going to be the victims birthday or daughters name. You must guess it, and get it correct the second or third attempt.
7. You must create and send a virus that will flash “VIRUS” on the victims server and cause the servers to have mini explosions.
8. Always talk about “firewalls” and “modifying a certain code”.
9. During the hacking process, at some point, you must have random 1’s and 0’s scrolling down your whole screen, or instead of the 1’s and 0’s have random HTML code streaming down your whole screen because you can hack via HTML… right?
If you can think of some more, TELL ME!, so I can add ‘em in.

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