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>> Sunday, September 06, 2009

lockIf you share your computer and don’t want others to have access to certain applications then you will want to password protect them.  Or maybe if you are developing the next huge virus that will eventually conquer and destroy every computer and robot in the world, you will want to password protect it to avoid accidently clicking and infecting/destroying your computer or having some random computer iliterate bum come along and click it because the button is sexy looking. I am honored to introduce you to the one and all mighty “Protect EXE” !

Protect EXE uses the twofish encryption algorithm to encrypt the EXE’s with a 256 bit key. It does not require an install and is very easy to use. Simply browse to the application you would like to encrypt, put in a password, and hit “Crypt exe”. Restoring the file is just as easy. It is recommended to create a backup of the file you are encrypting just in case something goes wrong.

You can download Protect EXE : HERE.

Another great program with the same purpose is Empathy. It is free but to use all of it’s functions (like more then one letter password) you must get it registered by sending a picture postcard to the owner, Michal Strehovsky. Creepy? Just a little.
You can get Empathy, and postage information HERE.

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