How to send a single post to many forum at a time

>> Monday, September 28, 2009

Auto Poster is a small program that sends a single post to many forums at the same time in one single click. It does this without the need for a browser or any interaction by the user, and utilises multi-threading technology to send to every forum at the same time!

This program is COMPLETELY FREE! Designed by the Extreme Warez Development team, this program, in true Warez spirit does not make any profit through the sale of this program. The auto-poster does NOT add anything to your post such as a "program signature" that is often added by other programs. Your post will appear exactly as it would normally appear if it had been sent on a forum.

Lightning Fast: The auto-poster communicates directly with the server, not through a third-party browser, making upstream/downstream data transfers lightning-fast. Its so fast, it can send to every forum in as little as 4 seconds!

Multi-Threading: This is the year 2009, not 1990! The auto-poster sends to every forum you select as the SAME time, not one at a time, making it the fastest auto-poster available!

Download AutoPoster v1.2 

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